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⑴ The ultrasonic transducer returns to moisture. Usually, a megohmmeter is used to regularly check the power plugs connected to the transducers, and the insulation resistance value between the positive and negative terminals of the transducers can be distinguished. It is generally stipulated that the insulation resistance should exceed 30 megaohms or more. If the insulation resistance value cannot be reached, it is likely that the transducer has returned to moisture. The maintenance method is to place the entire transducer (excluding the electrostatic spray molding machine casing) in a drying oven set at around 100 ℃, dry for three hours, or use a hair dryer to remove moisture until the resistance value is normal. The transducer oscillator ignites and the structural ceramic fractures. During maintenance, a human eye and a megohmmeter can be used for fusion inspection. As a general emergency response measure, some damaged transducers can be disconnected to prevent interference with the normal application of other transducers.


⑵ Glue the transducer. We know that most manufacturers use adhesive to fix the fixed transducer, but after long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning machines, the adhesive may open due to vibration. There are also manufacturers who choose the method of bonding and tightening with screws. Generally, it is not easy to open the adhesive because of the effectiveness of screws. After opening the adhesive, the vibrator is not easy to fall off the vibration surface. The general way to distinguish is to gently shake the tail end of the vibrator by hand and carefully observe the strong adhesive condition on the vibration surface.


The efficiency of the input and output of the ultrasonic switch power supply is normal after the opening of the oscillator, but due to poor connection between the oscillator and the vibration surface, the actual vibration effect of the vibration surface is not very good. In the long run, the oscillator may be burned due to the inability to release kinetic energy. For users, the maintenance of the oscillator glue opening is very cumbersome, and in general, it can only be solved by sending it to the manufacturer for maintenance. An effective way to prevent the oscillator from opening is to pay attention not to collide with the vibrating surface in daily applications.



(4) Vibration surface perforation. After years of overloading application, ultrasonic transducers are likely to have holes on the vibration surface, which is also caused by long-term high-frequency vibration fatigue of the stainless steel plate on the vibration surface. The holes on the vibration surface indicate that the service life of the transducer has long expired, and maintenance usually only involves disassembly and replacement.


Application matters


The switch power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and the switch power supply of the electric heater must have a good grounding system.


⑵ It is prohibited to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine without cleaning solution, that is, the cleaning cylinder has not been filled with a certain amount of cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic power switch cannot be turned on.


Cleaning machinery with electric heating equipment is prohibited from turning on the heating power switch when there is no liquid.


It is strictly prohibited to use lifting objects (steel parts) to collide and clean the bottom of the cylinder to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.


The switch power supply of the ultrasonic generator should be directly applied with a 220V/50Hz switch power supply and equipped with a voltage stabilizing power supply of 2000W or above.


Clean the bottom of the cylinder on time and avoid too many items or stains.


When changing the liquid, wait for the ultrasound to start before washing the parts.






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